We are able to calibrate the following Omicron products:

  • Omicron CT Analyser    
  • CMC 252 Power Amplifier    
  • CMC 256-6 Test Universe    
  • CMC156 Protection Relay Test Set    
  • CMC356 Protection Relay Test Set    
  • CPC 100 Transformer Tester    
  • CT Analyzer Low Leakage Current Tranformer Tester/calibrator    
  • Omicron CMA 156 3 phase current amplifier Current Amplifier    
  • OTE-P202 Pressure Calibrator    
  • OTE-P300 Pressure Calibrator    
  • OTE-T700 Dry Block Temperature Calibrator  

Please call us on +44(0)1159 003550 or email to discuss your requirements.

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