PR100 series ISDS 4-20mA test sensor for pressure measurement

The HySense PR100 (formerly known as HT-PD) is our most popular pressure sensor for mobile hydraulic testing applications. Also popular in stationary industrial applications, it is available from -1 up to 1000 bar and comes with a 6 pin ISDS* connection for quick secure connection and disconnection. Supplied with 5-point calibration certificate as standard.

  • Our most popular pressure sensor for use with Hydrotechnik measuring equipment.
  • Measuring ranges: from -1...1000 bar.
  • Signal output: ISDS 4...20mA.
  • Mechanical connection: G1/4".
  • Electrical connection: M16x0.75 6-pin.
  • Accuracy: <±0.25% when using ISDS or with linearisation.
  • Supplied as standard with 5-point calibration certificate.
Measuring Range (Bar)ISDS* 4...20mA Output

*ISDS (Intelligent Sensor Detection System) - A popular option for Hydrotechnik test sensors as it gives users easier, quicker, error free set up. The 6 pin 0-20mA signal output carries all automatic set up data for compatible Hydrotechnik test equipment as well as ensuring higher overall range accuracies due to the linearisation values carried within the each sensor memory chip.