PSK Adjustable SPDT pressure switches with adjustment knob up to 250VAC

Switch rating 250 Vac
Electrical connection DIN 43650
Working range 1...10 bar
10...100 bar
50...150 bar
100...360 bar
Max. static pressure 30 bar, 600 bar (according to possible pressure range and body material)
Hysteresis 30% of set-point
Temperature range -25 °C +140 °C (according to diaphragm/seal material)
Contact SPDT
Body material Yellow anodized aluminium – Aluminium – Stainless steel
Diaphragm/ Seal material NBR – FKM – HNBR
Threads G1/4
Protection IP65 DIN 40050
Mechanical life 106 operations
Dimensions Body 40 x 40 – Max. height 108 mm
Certification CE – UR
Options Set-point rising and falling – Gold-plated contacts for low current
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