Pump Leak testing rig

Hydrotechnik UK Ltd designed, custom built and commissioned a pressure test rig for ITT industries – a global engineering manufacturer and servicing company. After speaking to Hydrotechnik they required a complete pressure test rig and custom built testing bay to pressure test pumps designed for a wide range of Industries.

The pressure test rig is manually operated and has highly accurate (± <0.5%) Hydrotechnik PR100 pressure sensors and bright SEG1060 LED display. The test rig is able to pressure test pumps up to 100 Bar (1500 psi), carry out air bleeding and drain cycling.

Overall the leak test system can carry out the following tests:

  • Air bleed
  • Pressure set up
  • Visual display of pressure
  • Start test
  • Drain cycle with air

The unit has its own reservoir for the pump which is fed via main water supply circuits is fed from the mains water supply used to bleed the system The other electrically operated pump allows the system to generate pressures up to 100 Bar for higher pressure testing.

The custom made 3.5m2 enclosed testing area was built using 304 stainless steel. An accessible door and inspection windows to check for any visual leaks from the pump. The testing area has been built without a roof to load and unload pumps via a crane.

After delivery and installation at the brand new testing facility the testing rig has become an integral part of their quality management testing for all pumps.

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