QG100 Gear Flowmeter Frequency Output

The GFM flowmeter measuring system works accordingly to the positive displacement principle. The measuring accuracy is largely independent of the fluid viscosity and provides further measuring possibilities with high accuracy vs an axial turbine or similar. Low flow rates are easily measured with this design. The QG range is useful for accurate measurement of pump case drains or leakage flows or example.

High accuracy and robust industrial geared flow sensor with industry standard frequency pulse PnP signal output with additional ISDS functionality for Hydrotechnik measuring instruments.


  • High measuring accuracy, ±0.5% or better
  • Viscosity range: 5...500 cSt (higher on request)
  • Medium temperature range: Max. 120°C
  • Signal output: ISDS frequency PnP pulse
  • Material: Housing: X10CrNiS189 Surface protection by passivation
  • Factory calibration: Mineral oil 30 2/s (cSt) Special fluid calibrations available on request
Measuring range (l/min)Signal outputMax. Pressure (bar)Accuracy (%)ConnectionPart Number
0.005...1Frequency420±0.5 of measured value1/4" BSP Female3143-01-S-35.030
0.05...5Frequency630±0.5 of measured value1/4" BSP Female3143-02-S-35.030
0.2...30Frequency630±0.5 of measured value3/8" BSP Female3143-03-S-35.030
0.7...70Frequency420±0.4 of measured value3/4" BSP Female3143-04-S-35.030
3...300Frequency420±0.5 of measured valueSAE 1.1/4" Flange3143-05-S-35.030


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