Application example #1: Remote generator monitoring

  • Watchlog Pro Cloud Monitoring Example Applications: Remote Generator Monitoring

Application features

  • GPS location
  • Running hours
  • Fuel level
  • RPM
  • Running/idle/off
  • Pressure
  • Oil condition
  • Output power
  • Temperature
  • Filter blockage
  • Remote alerts
  • Remote shutdown

Application description

Sensors icon

We are considering remote generator monitoring in the first of our Watchlog Pro application examples. The Pro has several built-in sensors and accepts nearly any sensor signal from an external source, such as 4-20mA, CANbus, and Modbus. This adaptability makes it ideal for monitoring generator use and condition.

Cloud icon

With the Watchlog Pro's built-in GPS, you can rest assured that your generator is always where it should be. The Pro receives signals from sensors in the generator via CAN, which are then transmitted via WI-FI or cellular to the cloud. This data, combined with the internal sensor readings and additional external sensors, such as Pressure Sensors, is then readily available for remote monitoring from any location, ensuring you're always in control.

Monitoring icon

From the Watchlog Cloud dashboard, we can monitor machine parameters such as running hours, fuel level, system pressure, oil condition, output power, and many others to ensure the generator is being used safely and within expected parameters. External inputs, such as oil condition or pressure/temp/flow parameters, can be simultaneously monitored to help with predictive maintenance.

Alerts icon

Data can be pushed to our cloud portal or a server of your choice. Using our cloud portal, we show live data and store historical data for 1 year, which is downloadable. Alerts via email or text can be set up, and remote-control functions, such as remote start/stop, can be used through the portal.

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