TE300 Series PT100 Temperature Sensors

Hydrotechnik offers a wide range of screw-in sensors for a fast, accurate and reliable temperature measurement of fluids and gases in closed systems. The direct contact to the medium guarantees a precise measurement and a short setting time. The sensor design allows for use in high pressure systems up to 630 bar. Burst pressure and stability against fast pressure changes complies with pressure equipment directive for fluids of group 2.


  • Temperature range: -50...+200 °C
  • Output signals: ISDS 4..20 mA, others on request
  • Short response time
  • 0.5% accuracy
  • Max. operating pressure range: 630 bar
  • Features designed for use with Minimess® 1620p/T test points


  • Measure rising and falling pressures for hydraulic systems
  • Short response time 
  • Capable of measuring a wider scope of temperature-based applications
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