Temperature & RPM Sensors

Hydrotechnik UK stock Temperature and RPM Sensors. Our Line Mounting Temperature Sensor (via 1620 test point), Hand held temperature probes and Infra Red RPM sensors can be used with all of our Hydrotechnik test equipment. 

Why do you need to know the temperature of your hydraulic oil?

The changing effects of temperature can cause costly problems for your oil.

If the lubricant is too cold it can lead to:

  • Degradation
  • Separate into phases 
  • Dissolved water can change to emulsified water and free water can begin to settle
  • Oil can become highly viscous and fail to circulate around the hydraulic system

Likewise if oil is too hot it can lead to:

  • Oil above a certain temeprature can lead to filters and seals corroding over time

If you regularly keep track of the temperature of your hydraulic systems and lubricants you can begin to diagnose and take action if it is needed, saving long term costs.


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