Terex measure pressure spikes with the 5060+ data logger

Company: Terex Construction 

Application: Tracked Conveyer in a Quarry

Problem: Terex struggled to find a mobile data logger that could carry out accute and record hydraulic testing data for further analysis. Terex carry out the following tests on their machinery:

  • Measuring and identifying pressure spikes
  • Measuring Flow
  • Measuring Temperature
  • Measuring Rotational Speed
  • Measuring Engine Performance through CAN

Solution: Terex called our friendly team of engineers 8  years ago and found the MultiSystem 5060+ data logger. The multi-channel support and the capability to record necessary parameters prooved to be winning features. The mobility and rugged nature of the data logger allowed Terex to carry out hydraulic tests on a tracked conveyer in a quarry environment. Alongside the HYDROcom6 software Terex engineers were able to take the data and draw out further analysis when back at the workshop.

This is what a senior test engineer had to say about the MultiSystem 5060+ data logger:

"For 8 years we have been using the MultiSystem 5060+ to record hydraulic pressures from a tracked conveyor in a quarry application.

Having uploaded the data onto the HYDROcom6 software the results are helping us understand how efficient the hydraulic system. It has proven to be one of the most comprehensive, accurate and flexible pieces of test equipment at our disposal. The device was initially used to measure and identify pressure spikes and as our understanding and confidence level has grown we have used the device to measure a host of other parameters including flow, temperature, rotational speed and engine performance through CAN.

We feel one of the best features is it’s mobility, a great deal of our work is carried out at sites well away from the workshop but the 5060 can be carried to site, set up and start recording useful data in a few minutes thanks to the HYDROcom 6 software."

If you would like to carry out hydraulic tests on construction machinery feel free to find our 5060+ data logger or alternatively email our expert technical team - sales@hydrotechnik.co.uk