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The UK’s largest agricultural manufacturer tasked Hydrotechnik with designing a test station for on-road and off-road hydraulic trailers. The rig needed to monitor pressure for the trailer up to 250-bar, as well as test the signals and lighting.

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Hydrotechnik’s first solution was developed in 2018 (above), featuring eight main hose and cable connections for any trailer’s auxiliary ports, brakes and ABS, and lights.  Each test line had a unique alert system, ensuring that a vivid pass/fail light was displayed clearly to the engineer. The green pass light would show only once a specific task had been completed. For example, lighting checks analysed intricate details, such as whether pin configurations and fuses were installed correctly, meaning small mistakes could be rectified efficiently. Often overlooked, these minute errors, if unsolved, could prove extremely costly in the long term.


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Clear visuals remained paramount to the manufacturer, which is why the primary alarm system was raised 2.5m above ground, in line with the engineer sat in the cab. The intelligent detection programming determined which connections were being used for any given test, providing accurate responses without the need for all connections to be used. This allowed for tests to be carried out as quickly as possible, while maintaining the accuracy and repeatability throughout. In addition to the receptive and adaptable software inside, the robust stainless-steel exterior of the rig needed to withstand harsh working environments. To sustain the high performance of the system in such conditions, each light display was made from high density polyethylene, covered by a rugged protective casing. Reinforced fibre-composite guides for the hoses and cables ensured longevity, adding to the rig’s overall lifespan.

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Since 2018, the trailer simulator test system has been revised twice for other subdivisions of the same manufacturer. The 2019 update (right) built upon the core functions of the first model, but with two extra air brake test reels, designed to integrate fully with the prior system.

A more radical redesign arrived in 2022 (below), however, as the end user required a compact version. Hydrotechnik’s expert engineers delivered an appropriate solution to operate in conjunction with the previous rigs, because the engineers were limited on space and only needed to test smaller machines in that department. These redesigns highlight our flexibility to understand the ever-changing needs of a customer and evolve continuously alongside them.


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