Hydrotechnik Test Rig Helps Leading Valve Manufacturer Flow, Temperature and Pressure Test

An industry leading valve and hose manufacturer has been supplying high-quality products to the UK market for over 40 years. They contacted Hydrotechnik UK Ltd after viewing our portfolio of test rig solutions online.

From design to completion, the hydrostatic testing rig is capable of testing valves and hoses using high-quality pressure, flow and temperature sensors. With independent hot and cold water lines, the operator can conduct a thorough analysis of component performance. 

Within a 316 stainless steel enclosure is a custom-built software program, completely user-controlled via an HMI interface. The intricate software allows the operator to select target pressures, flow rates, temperatures and monitor these parameters during testing cycles.

The rig gives the operator options to set; either constant or cyclic loading. The cyclic function enables the user to select various pressures for varying lengths of time. This can be either on one water line or alternating between the two, or both at the same time. This allows the customer to fully understand the endurance capabilities of their products.

All testing results can be data logged in real time and turned into graphical form using Microsoft Excel. The rig can also be connected to Wi-Fi, enabling seamless data transfer between engineers via their network.

In the control system of the testing, rigs are highly accurate pressure, temperature and flow sensors, monitoring quick and accurate changes, enabling the user to achieve rapid data capture.

After delivering the testing rig, the unit has been an integral part of their research and development department, allowing their team to certify many more valves and hoses and improving production efficiency.

Hydrotechnik UK has been designing and building test rigs in Nottingham for over 25 years. Our combined expertise and experience enables us to design and build rigs suitable for a wide range of applications.

Feel free to browse our library of test rigs. If you have any questions, give us a call on 0115 900 3550 and one of our friendly engineers will be on hand to offer a testing solution.

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