Watchlog Bluetooth Live View & Datalogging App for iOS and Android

The Watchlog Bluetooth app from Hydrotechnik UK Test Engineering Ltd allows users to connect to up to 4 local Bluetooth sensors to view and record live data as well as share saved data directly from their mobile device.


The following information refers to the partial app screenshots shown on this page.
  1. The app will display any Watchlog Bluetooth sensors found within the local area (1). Easily connect by tapping the Bluetooth logo for the respective sensor. Once connected, a name and colour used to display sensor data can be chosen.
  2. Live data is shown numerically in a single tile per sensor of the live view page (2).
  3. Live data is plotted graphically over time for each sensor in a single graph (3). Up to 60 seconds of recorded data is available at any time.
  4. Tapping the graph at any point shows the data for each sensor at that point in time (4).
  5. If the recording option is enabled and data is recorded over a given time, the option to export the data as a CSV file becomes available using the standard share options used by your iOS or Android device.

See the manual attached or the video included on this page for further information and instruction.

Watchlog CSV Visualizer compatibility

The CSV files generated by the Watchlog Bluetooth app are fully compatible with our Watchlog CSV drag-and-drop CSV graphing, analyser, and annotation software for Windows.

Read more about Watchlog CSV Visualizer

Mobile app downloads

Download the app from the iOS App Store below. The Android version will soon be available on the Google Play store, but until then, please download it directly using this link. Note that in order to install the download, you will need to set your device to allow installations from "unknown parties" in your security settings.

Download the Google Play version directly

Download from the Apple App Store
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