Watchlog Bluetooth® pressure sensor

Watchlog Bluetooth sensors send pressure readings straight to your moble device or tablet, making multichannel wireless pressure monitoring affordable for small scale applications. Readings can be transmitted at rates from 100ms up to 10s over distances of up to 90m. A powerful App allows up to 12 sensors to be read simultaneously, available for Android and iOS.  The App also allows for data logging, alarming and capture of min/max values, for more information visit the app page Watchlog Bluetooth software screenshot Watchlog Bluetooth® iOS and Android app .  
PC software will also be released soon with more advanced graphing, logging and reporting features.

transmitters are powred by AA batteries and have a long life.  Transmitters can be supplied as 
compact fixed units
 or with a connection cable which
 allows for remote 
placement of the 

  • Watchlog Bluetooth sensor dimensions

Order code

Pressure range*Replace XXXX with
0...25 bar0025
0...160 bar0160
0...400 bar0400
0...700 bar0700
Connector type*Replace Y with
A90º angled
Pressure range*Replace Z.Z with
1.5 meters1.5
3.0 meters3.0
5.0 meters5.0
10.0 meters10.0


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