Watchlog Wireless Pro

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Watchlog Wireless Pro is our wireless system design to transmit signals over long distances up to 5km or directly to the cloud but at slower speeds than Watchlog Wireless. Typical applications are periodic filter monitoring for filter change warnings or level monitoring in boreholes and tanks. 

Sensors can transmit to one or multiple receivers and directly to the cloud via a cellular version. There is a wide range of sensors we can connect to the wireless transmitters which include oil life, pressure/differential pressure, level, temperature, flow, force, and more all powered by two widely available batteries or via an external power supply.

The Watchlog Wireless Pro is designed to be integrated into current onsite systems with the USB receiver/RS232 output or Via a Modbus gateway but we also offer bespoke control/visual units to receiver and display the sensors etc. When using the cloud version the receiver is either a WiFi gateway or sent directly to the cloud from the transmitter (cellular). The cloud portal allows for graphical visuals, historical data, and text & email alert alerts. For further information on the platform please see Watchlog Wireless Vision Pro.

  • Long range wireless transmission up to 5km.
  • Sensors can transmit to one or multiple receivers.
  • Battery-powered or externally powered.
  • Modbus gateway for flexible integration into new or existing data acquisition systems.


  • Cloud integration to view or download historical data, set alarms with text & email alerts.
  • Pressure, temperature, flow, level, and oil life solutions as standard.
  • Many types of new or existing sensors can be integrated.
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