Watchlog Pro Hydraulic System Monitoring

Remote Monitoring Cloud Gateway with Integrated Pressure, Temperature, Flow and Oil Cleanliness Options.

When integrated into your hydraulic system, a Watchlog PRO Hydraulic System Monitoring unit will continuously transmit flow rate, pressure, temperature and optionally oil cleanliness to the cloud, or by request to a custom web server via 4G (SIM card) or Wi-Fi.

Sensor readings can be viewed and saved using our online cloud platform, accessible via most web browsers. Customisable alerts are possible both locally, using a light tower, buzzer or combination of both, as well as using alerts within the cloud software and with SMS messaging.

Installed inline within your setup and powered by 24VDC, the Watchlog Pro Hydraulic System Monitoring unit is a one-stop solution for your remote hydraulic monitoring needs.


  • Watchlog Pro Quad in the wlprohsm

Watchlog Pro QUAD Cloud Gateway

The integral component of the unit, the Watchlog Pro QUAD, accepts all sensor data before transmitting it to the cloud via WiFi or 4G. Local, configurable buzzer and/or light tower alerts are also triggered by the QUAD.

  • wlprohsm stainless steel case

Stainless Steel Enclosure with external antenna

A rugged enclosure, built for industrial environments, allows connectivity to your hydraulic system via exterior ports.

  • Temperature and pressure sensors in the wlprohsm

Temperature & Pressure Sensors

A -50…200ºC temperature sensor is included with pressure sensors ranging from -1…6 bar up to 0…400 bar available.

  • Flow turbine in the wlprohsm

Flow Meter

A high-quality aluminium flow turbine for accurate flow measurement from 0…20 l/min to 0…600 l/min, up to 100cst of viscosity, is included.

  • Particle Counter in the wlprohsm

Oil Cleanliness Monitor

The optional S120 Digital Imaging particle counter adds oil cleanliness readings to the system displayed as ISO codes.

Ordering Code

Pressure range Replace PW with
-1...6 bar P1
0...60 bar P2
0...250 bar P3
0...400 bar P4

0...20 l/min


0...75 l/min


0...300 l/min


0...600 l/min

Particle counter REPLACE Y WITH
None X
S120 Particle Counter A
Alert option REPLACE Z WITH
None X
Buzzer W
Red & Green light tower Y
Buzzer and
Red & Green light tower

For further information, please refer to the datasheet available to download from this page.

Example Ordering Code

The following part code would be used to order a hydraulic system monitor with a 0...400 bar (P4) pressure sensor, 0...300 l/min flow meter (Q3), S120 particle counter (A) with a buzzer and red & green light (Z):

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