Watchlog PRO ORB Cellular / Wi-Fi Cloud Gateway for Mobile Applications

Watchlog PRO ORB provides remote monitoring of just about any connected sensor, including Pressure, Temperature, Force, Contamination etc, as well as system data read from Canbus lines. In addition, the ORB includes several additional sensors.

Powered by 10 to 75V DC or solar, the QUAD has GPS position, speed, temperature, angle, vibration, and tamper sensors built-in. External sensors such as pressure, temperature, flow, displacement and other sensors or machine data using common inputs such as 4-20mA, 0-10V, Frequency, Modbus, CANbus and RS232/RS485.

Designed for harsh industrial environments, dust-proof, waterproof, UV resistant and strong, Watchlog Pro is a programmable device which allows sensor data to be transmitted to our Watchlog cloud monitoring portal or a custom web server via 4G (SIM card) or Wi-Fi.


  • WiFi +4G LTE4
    CAT-M1 for best possible coverage. CAT-1 for global connectivity
  • Bluetooth
    Monitor BLE beacons or send data to the BLE App
  • Direct To Your Server
    Send data to the server of your choice
    Accurate position and speed
  • Notifications
    Receive email and SMS warnings and alarms
  • Secure
    Embedded certificates validate identities, encrypt links and ensure integrity
  • Simple Setup
    Use any phone, tablet or computer with the integrated web server
  • Integrated Antennas
    All antennas are internal for simple deployment and reliable operation
  • Flexible Sensor Interface
    RS232, RS485, MODBUS, CANBus, Bluetooth, output, 4-20mA, pulse and voltage
  • User Programmable
    Write scripts to manipulate data, create alerts, control devices, and create customised payloads
  • Versatile Mounting
    DIN rail, wall or panel mount
  • IP67
    Waterproof and Dust proof
  • Built Tough
    Glass filled nylon UV resistant and strong
  • Cloud Services
    Use the Watchlog Portal to view and store data and configure and update devices
  • AA Batteries + Solar +10 -72VDC
    Integrated solar regulator Internal backup battery
  • Internal Sensors
    Accelerometer for pitch, roll and vibration. Tamper detection, temperature, and voltage monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Our powerful cloud platform allows users to monitor and log sensor data on customisable dashboards. Optionally, the Watchlog Pro can push Sensor data to your custom or 3rd party platform.

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