Watchlog USB Windows® PC/tablet pressure & temperature measurement software

Included with each sensor is our Windows® PC/tablet software for simple, quick and cost-
effective pressure & temperature measurement of
 up to 8 Watchlog USB sensors at the same time.

Users can view the measurements in numerical, graph or both simultaneously. Test data can be viewed, zoomed and annotated during or after recording and 
data can then be exported for easy test file management.

  • Dual pressure and 
temperature output from 
each sensor.
  • View & record record up to
 500 times per second 
per sensor
  • 25 bar, 160 bar, 400 bar &
700 bar sensors available 
from stock.
Connect, view & record up
to 8 sensors at one time
using standard USB hubs.

  • Watchlog USB software 
automatically detects any
connected sensors.
Min / max values and 
settable alarm limits
Manual target triggers, timed or scheduled
 recording options
  • Capture events before and after a trigger point
  • Graph zooming and
 annotation even during
  • PDF and CSV test 
export options.
Industrial, Food & Beverage,
Pulp & paper, Mobile
hydraulics, Pump & component testing
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