Watchlog Wireless Accessories

These two products are designed to give continuous power to wireless boosting stations, if required.  Either a battery pack on its own or a battery pack and solar panel to give 24/7 power.

A high capacity battery pack with solar and mains charging, providing long term 12 volt power for field applications and, more specifically, remote data collection. The power pack and solar panel provides dependable off-grid power generation to support a variety of HTUK Watchlog products. Packaged in an IP65 sealed case with rugged waterproof connectors, the PPI has two sources of charge for the internal battery: solar and mains power input charging. The case also features stainless steel padlock protectors for easily securing your supply on site. The PP1 has a single 12V fuse protected output. The mating connector comes pre-fitted with 5 metres of cable and bare end connections.

The solar panel features hail-proof tempered glass and closely packed polycrystalline cells, sealed into a robust aluminium frame. The junction box on the rear of the panel does not protrude beyond the frame, so installation can be simple and neat.

The solar cell comes with 3 metres of cable as standard, while longer lengths are available on request. The SP1 & PP1 combined are designed to provide a perpetual power supply for a 12 V system, drawing an average of 53 mA, even during winter. The PP1 can also be used as a mains 12 VDC supply with battery backup.

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