Watchlog Wireless Configuring, Monitoring & Logging Software

Watchlog has been designed to allow the viewing and logging of up to 100 channels of data from the wireless telemetry range of sensor transmitters. This software allows users to build a visual picture of a system and assign live readings. The built-in web server provides a summary view page to other computers, tablets, iPads and smartphones etc., using a standard browser.

Watchlog can log on demand, at pre-set intervals, on entering and leaving a pre-set overload and during an overload. Visual displays and audible alarms can indicate under and over range as well as loss in communication.

The graphing function allows the construction of graphically rich custom views into your data (import a wide range of graphics/images and customise labelling).

Watchlog is also available as a customised version (for a small charge), which allows users to create their own unique software package for distribution. It is provided with your choice of corporate branding, including company logo, colour scheme and contact information.

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