Watchlog Wireless Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors fitted with Watchlog Wireless transmitters send measuring data to the BSx series signal receiving base stations.  2x AA batteries give up to 2 years of battery life. Adjust scanning and data transmission speeds via Watchlog Wireless software.

A version powered by 2xD batteries for up to 5 years of battery life, or from an external 5...18Vdc is also available.

The temperature sensor tip connects directly with the fluid in a pipe, rather than taking the temperature of the external pipe temperature. Standard models are designed to work up to max. pressures of 400 bar, with 630 bar versions available on request.

Order Code

Transmitter type *Replace ** with
2xAA battery powered AA
2xD battery powered or
5...18Vdc externally powered.
Requires cabling option (cannot
be sensor mounted).


Temperature range *Replace XXXX with
-50...100º (160 bar max) L510
-50...100º (400 bar max) H510
-50...200º (160 bar max) L520
-50...200º (400 bar max) H520
Connector type *Replace Y with
Angled A
Straight S
Cable length *Replace Z.Z with
1.5 meters 1.5
3.0 meters 3.0
5.0 meters 5.0
10.0 meters 10.0


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