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2 channel MultiHandy 2020 Datalogging Kit & Accessories

This product has been replaced by a newer version.
MultiHandy 2025

Lowest cost digital pressure test kit of it's kind on the market with some powerful features. It is an easy to use hand held unit that comes ready to just plug and play in kit form with 2 pressure sensors of your choice. Can measure, display and log 2 pressure signals with pressure differential and min / max readings, all displayed on the one screen in your hand.

The sensors that are used with this kit are ISDS (Intelligent Sensor Detection System) so no programming is required.

Other ISDS sensors such as flow meters or temperature probes can be used with the 2020 to extend its useability.

packed with features:

  •   Two channel inputs ISDS 4-20mA
  •   60,000 measuring value memory
  •   Min / Max capture on screen (1mS)
  •   Differential pressures
  •   Backlit LCD screen
  •   Memory feature to record data, 1 minute at 1mS (30s if recording 2 channels)
  •   Fast data transmission via USB
  •   Comes with Basic HYDROcom analysis software
  •   Simple operation with only four keys
  •   Rugged plastic housing
  •   Rechargeable batteries for up to 6 hours continual use
  •   Comes as measuring kit with 2 selectable transducers, charger and adaptors included

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  • Multi Handy 2020 Measuring Kits

    MultiHandy 2020 pressure test kits
    Two channel datalogging kits with 2 x selectable pressure sensors, 60,000 measuring value memory, min/max, differential pressure backlit display, 1ms scanning rate, HYDROcom6 software & carry case.

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  • 2020 Measuring Kit accessories

    2020 plug & play pressure sensors
    Spares & accessories for 2020 Datalogging measuring kits including replacement or additional pressure sensors from -1 to 600 bar

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