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Sensor Range Overview

Hydrotechnik supply a wide variety of measurement and pressure transmitters for flow, pressure, temperature, RPM, current, voltage and many more measurable factors. 

Measurement and test sensors are electronic transducers that are usually designed for use with a suite of test equipment in research, development or for individual users. Sensors are also available for permanent installation on industrial & process systems.

Our comprehensive range of measurement sensors and test sensors are guaranteed to get you accurate and reliable results quickly. 

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  • Flow Turbine Sensors

    Hydrotechnik Flow Turbine Sensor
    QT100 & QT200 (RE4 & RE6) turbines for accurate testing of Oil, Skydrol, Glycol & Water flow, complete with temperature & pressure test points.

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  • GFM Geared Flowmeters

    GFM Geared Flow Meter
    Well proven high accuracy gear flow meter with pressure and temperature test points. Flows from 0.005 up to 300 l/min and pressures up to 630 bar, frequency or mA outputs with or without ISDS. GFM Gear Flowmeters.

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  • Temperature & RPM Sensors

    Temperature & RPM Sensors
    Line Mounting Temperature Sensor (via 1620 test point), Hand held temperature probes and Infra Red RPM sensors for use with Hydrotechnik test equipment.

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  • Particle Counters

    ISO & SAE Particle Counter (Patrick)
    Stylish Particle Counter / particle monitor used to accurately monitor, display & log ISO or SAE oil cleanliness levels. Can be used with MultiSystem 5060plus, PC/Laptop or as stand alone monitor.

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  • Displacement sensors

    Displacement sensors
    The PO180 Displacement sensors work on a measuring wire or string potentiometer principle. It can be easily mounted and does not need linear guidance.

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  • Force, Torque & Vibration Sensors

    Force, Torque and Vibration Sensors
    Hydrotechnik offer a wide range of force, torque and vibration sensors to provide in-depth diagnostics on industrial applications.

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