Application example #2: Light Tower monitoring

  • Watchlog Pro example use number 2: Light Tower monitoring

Application features

  • GPS location
  • Running hours
  • Fuel level
  • Engine speed
  • Mast position
  • Pressure
  • Power status
  • Output power
  • Temperature
  • Tower tilt
  • Remote alerts
  • Remote shutdown

Application description

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The second in our series of Watchlog Pro application examples considers light tower monitoring. Light towers are vital as they are often the only light source available to an active crew, so when downtime occurs, the consequences can be enormous (and expensive).

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For plant-hire companies, the cost implications of equipment misuse or misplacement can be substantial. It's essential to have a system that tracks assets and ensures they are used optimally and within contractual guidelines.

For site managers, ensuring the uptime of the light tower is paramount. This depends on factors such as battery life, engine functionality, oil health, and fuel levels.

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Watchlog Pro caters to both these needs, providing comprehensive monitoring that minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity, meeting the unique requirements of site managers and asset owners.

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Watchlog Pro solutions offer in-depth monitoring and reporting in as many or as few parameters as you wish. The Pro's adaptability makes it ideal for monitoring light towers, as it can accept nearly any sensor signal, such as CAN Bus, Modbus, and 4...20mA.

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Data can be pushed to a cloud portal of your choice or our Watchlog Cloud portal, which shows live data and stores downloadable historical data for a year. Alerts via email or text can be configured, and remote-control functions, such as remote start/stop, can be used through the portal. Monitoring key factors such as fuel level, GPS position, power status, LED status, and engine speed ensures optimal use and maintenance.

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