Purpose Built Test Rig For Aerospace Components

Hydrotechnik created a completely bespoke testing solution, that was semi-automated and reliably delivered all the testing needs required by our industry leading aerospace client. Thorough research and development was required to reach a design capable of delivering a high flow rate of kerosene, at pressures up to 10 bar. The system has many different safety features, meaning that for some tests the user can simply press start and the rig will perform the test in a safe environment. The operator also has the option to data capture the test parameters if required.

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This solution allowed a user controllable test that could also be driven automatically when required (flow test) across a range of components. Additionally the custom tool design within the rig has future proofed the system by providing flexibility of the parts that can be tested.

  • GA RIG Temp-Pressure-Flow

  • GA V1 controls close up
Before the production of this custom rig there were no known systems available for testing such aerospace components to these standards. Through developing this test rig we sought to achieve a true step forward in aerospace component testing, through implementing known technology and bespoke programming in a unique configuration to provide a new process, aiding in the advancement of the aerospace industry.



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