Burst Testing Bench for UK Hose Manufacturer

After consultation with a manufacturer of formed hoses, Hydrotechnik UK custom made a dynamic water-driven burst testing bench, capable of both R&D and batch testing of production runs. The rig is operator led via a touch screen control, each step is carefully controlled and all data stored. Operator notes can be added at any time.

Overview of the rigs capabilities:

• Unified rate of rise in pressure
• The ability for proportionally control pressure
• Proof test
• Endurance test
• Burst test to capture all of the key information
• Dynamic destructive testing
• Integrated fail code can be inputted and logged alongside the test data

The hydraulic burst test bench is controlled via a PLC/HMI control unit mounted on the side of the test bay. Fully calibrated sensors logging flow, pressure, temperature and hose expansion all provide signals to a real-time data logging module, which, in turn, gives in-depth analysis of the results. Development engineers are given extra insight into to their product's behaviour. The water tank has an integral automatic feed to main water supply.

After successful installation, the hose manufacturer has gained a greater understanding and faster testing of the hoses they produce. Subsequently, this has helped them win more business and rapidly proof-test new product developments.

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