Hydrotechnik UK develop a test rig for market-leading thermostatic component manufacturer

A pioneering European thermostatic element and cartridge manufacturer required a user-controlled flow and pressure demonstration testing rig to live test a new faucet at trade shows.

As they were searching the market for a reliable and reputable test rig manufacturer they came across Hydrotechnik UK. After speaking to our team and visiting our facilities in Nottingham they chose Hydrotechnik UK to design and build their demonstration testing rig.

The manufacturer required a purpose-built demonstration unit, which the user could control the flow and pressure using a mixer tap and display the temperatures of the hot, cold and mixed water flow. The user will reach a stable temperature on the mixed setting and then proceed to cut the flow of cold water, demonstrating that the supplied faucet is able to protect the user of the appliance from scalding by way of the internals of the tap stopping the flow of hot water.

Designing and building the test rig

The demonstration test rig has been designed and built at our Nottingham facility with the correct components specified for the purpose of the rig. For frequent demonstrations to be carried out, two large water tanks were fitted, one 50 litre capacity water tank and one 32 litre and a pump enabling the water to be pumped from the tank to the drained at the end of each demonstration. For easy maneuverability between shows, we have installed flight case style handles.

Finally, to eliminate the risk of vibration, the pumps are enclosed and dampening feet, flexible hoses and composite material behind the chassis mounting plate has meant there are minimal vibration and noise. 


For simplicity of use, all the main components of the rig can be controlled from the breaker box. Increasing the temperature of the water, start/stop the pump and the displays. The main LED displays are placed at the top of the unit to maximise visibility.

Testing parameters

We have integrated highly accurate Hydrotechnik pressure, flow and temperature sensors so that the operator has the right information to hand when carrying out a product demonstration. We have taken extra care to make sure that the temperature sensor or ‘wand' is easily accessible from the side of the unit.

Carrying out pre-determined tests

After on each and every hydraulic and hydrostatic test rig build, the customer visits us on-site and carries out tests to their specifications to ensure each party is happy with the test rig.

Installation & training

The demonstration test rig has been proudly displayed at different trade shows across the globe and has proved popular to potential buyers looking to purchase the faucet.

All of the test rig operators have been trained by our specialists to ensure they are able to operate the rig safely.

Feel free to browse our whole range of hydraulic and hydrostatic testing rigs or contact our friendly test rig team: 0115 9003 550 or drop us an email - sales@hydrotechnik.co.uk. Alternatively, book a tour around our facilities to see one of our rigs being built.


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