Watchlog Wireless Pressure, Temperature and Flow Sensors

Watchlog Wireless is our short to medium (800m to 1.6km) wireless transmission system for pressure, temperature, level, flow, position, force etc.

Data can be viewed in multiple ways. For example, through the free Watchlog Wireless Windows tablet/PC software supplied with all sensors, which has powerful data visualisation features and datalogging capabilities.

Many other signal gateways are available for easy integration into existing customer data management systems, providing analogue or Modbus signals and also for easy integration into cloud sensor platform, such as our Watchlog Vision system.

Wireless Monitoring & Datalogging

Pressure & Temperature Sensors

Sensors connected to the Watchlog technology wirelessly beam readings to the receiver with a 5mS up to 1 minute sample time. Each system is capable of handling up to 100 sensors simultaneously.

Receiver Box & PC Software

The receiver decodes the sensor data and displays it on a PC screen up to 800m away. Display and log data, set alarms, cloud integration.

Booster Box

An intermediate booster box can extend the range of the wireless signal by an additional 800m, totalling 1.6km distance. The booster box can be solar powered, if mains supply is not available.

Watchlog Features

  • Wide range of pressure sensors: 0-60, 0-250 and 0-600bar (more on request)
  • Temperature sensors: -50°C to +200°C
  • View and log data
  • Real-time graphical data can be viewed for each channel
  • Set alarms (two levels)
  • 100 sensors can run simultaneously
  • Battery life up to 2 years
  • Data logging can start on trigger events
  • Wake, sleep and interrogate sensors
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