Watchlog USB, Bluetooth & Wireless Sensors & Software

Watchlog USB is a new generation of sensors and Windows software from Hydrotechnik UK using our Watchlog USB pressure sensors with transmission rates of up to 500 times per second.

Watchlog Bluetooth is a new generation of short range wireless transmission of pressures designed to work with free Apps for monitoring and logging on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Watchlog Wireless is a medium to long range (up to 1.6km) wireless sensor monitoring option for up to 60 sensors at one time. Watchlog wireless is designed for pressure, temperature, level flow and many more sensors in applications where cabled sensors or power are not possible. Watchlog wireless software for Windows allows for monitoring and logging of sensor data or with gateways providing many signals allowing for integration in to existing customer systems.

Watchlog Pro is our cloud-based Watchlog sensor subscription-based platform allowing for monitoring wherever you are. Configurable interfaces allow for graphical or numerical monitoring of sensor data with long term datalogging and alarming features by text or email.

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