Dataloggers & Digital Test Equipment

Our comprehensive range of digital hydraulic testing equipment is of the highest quality and makes the testing process much easier and extremely accurate.

Today's fluid power systems are more sophisticated and more powerful than ever before. These advanced systems require accurate test and analysis data, in order to truly understand and optimise performance.

Hydrotechnik supply an array of digital pressure gauges, pressure, temperature and level switches, and displays to meet such demands.

Alternatively, our hydraulic data loggers are digitised electronic devices that record data over a period of time. They are generally quite small, battery-powered and designed to be portable and easy to use. However, some can be a bit bigger and aren’t a stand-alone piece of equipment, but instead require some software to activate and allow them to be used. 

Furthermore, Hydrotechnik also offer a wide variety of measurement and pressure transmitters for flow, pressure, temperature, RPM, current, voltage and many more measurable factors. 

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Gauges, Switches and Displays