Hydrotechnik Test Rig Helps Leading Automotive Supplier Test Brake Discs

A market leading brake disc has been supplying high quality products to the UK automotive market for over 50 years, contacting Hydrotechnik UK Ltd after viewing our portfolio of test rig solutions online. 

From customer brief to commissioning, the user-controlled hydraulic test rig measures parameters, such as disc thickness and disc thickness variation of the customer’s series of brake discs.

Enclosed in 316 stainless steel, the test rig is designed for industrial testing with polycarbonate windows fitted, assuring operators remain safe during testing.

To measure the thickness of their brake discs, we installed sensor heads that carry out a 4-point measuring system to +/- 1 micron accuracy. Precise inductive RPM sensors display the speed of the brake disc from 0 – 100 RPM. Both sets of data help inform the customer of the precise variations of brake discs under a given speed to specific tolerances. 

Test data can be seamlessly exported via USB, enabling the engineer to have data at their finger tips, which can be graphically presented through Microsoft Excel. 

After delivering the test rig to the customer, Hydrotechnik UK trained all operators on the software and hardware procedures. It has now become an integral part of their manufacturing facility and now increases their production capacity vastly. 

Feel free to browse our pressure, flow, end of production and mechanical testing rigs online. If you are a manufacturer supplying to the automotive trade, why not get in touch on 0115 900 3550? Our helpful team can also be contacted via email: sales@hydrotechnik.co.uk

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