Portable Pressure, Flow, Temperature Testing & Oil sampling Kits

Hydrotechnik offer a huge range of analogue hydraulic pressure testing kits that are catered to a wide variety of users. Each kit contains all the necessary equipment, including analogue pressure gauges that are suitable for all test point variants and a large selection of pipe adaptors tailored to suit mostly all hydraulic machines or systems. We also offer our HYDRApro analogue flow, pressure & temperature kits as well as Minimess oil sampling kits that provide oil sampling equipment for all parts of hydraulic & gerarbox systems from Vacuum up to 630 bar.

Our portable pressure kits range stretches from low cost basic kits up to six gauge fixed metal test boxes along with kits tailored to specific OEM test points and pipe work requirements such as the Minimess Monster kit with all thread types and test point variants you should need. 

Choose from standard BSP, Metric, JIC, ORFS based kits with all common test points and test hoses available such as Minimess® 1620, 1615, 1215, Steck, HSP and Flat Face Diagnostic Quick Release to name a few.

Our hydraulic pressure test kits can be tailored to your specific requirements along with printed logos and contact details as an option.

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