Temperature Measurement for OEM, Industrial & Process Applications.

We offer a wide range of devices for measuring temperature from -200°C all the way up to 1700°C.

The measuring element in our standard products is usually an RTD (resistance temperature device), which as standard would be a PT100. However, we can also offer PT1000.

For more specific applications, e.g. high-temperature, we use a thermocouple, such as J type, K type, S type, or B type. In both cases, the output can be amplified into a variety of more commonly-used outputs, such as 4-20mA or 0-10V, but we can also offer HART protocol.

There are also approval options, such as ATEX Exia & Exd and DNV approval options, plus we also have a range of thermowells to suit sensors if required. 

  • HTT-C (gases, vapours & liquids) *stocked product: Standard features: -50...100°C temperature range (Pt100 element), 4-20mA output, G1/4" BSP thread, 7mm long stem, M12 electrical connector, up to 400 bar pressure & wetted parts in stainless steel.
  • TSOK series (gases, vapours & liquids): Standard features: 9 standard temperature ranges from -50...400°C, 4-20mA output, PT100 0r PT1000 element options, G1/2" thread (others available), DIN Form A electrical connector, any immersion length (thread & stem) from 20mm up to 300mm, up to 25 bar pressure and wetted parts available in a range of stainless steel grades.
  • HTTM-10 series (gases, vapours & liquids): Standard features: Any range from -200...550°C, 4-20mA output + HART Protocol, local display, programmable via local buttons, direct mount or via thermowell, PT100 or K type sensing element, ATEX Exia or Exd options, various thread options including 1/2" NPT and G1/2" BSP and wetted parts in stainless steel.
  • HTSM-30 series (gases, vapours & liquids): Standard features: Ranges between -70...1200°C, Pt100/Pt1000/K type/J type sensing elements or HART & 4-20mA outputs, different housing options, integrated protection tube or additional thermowell, ATEX Exia or Exd options, DNV option, various process connections and stem lengths. 

Example applications:

  • Engines
  • Process lines
  • Oil & Gas
  • Tanks


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