Pressure Testing Rig for National Auditor

Hydrotechnik UK worked alongside a national component tester/auditor to design, commission and build a hydrostatic test rig to certify products submitted to them. After an initial briefing, they specified that they required an operator led test rig, capable of proportional operating pressures. The finished test rig was installed inside a blast-proof shipping container that incorporates an interlock feature for safety purposes.

The test rig’s main function is to hydrostatically pressure test components. The test rig is user-controlled by the PLC/HMI mounted outside of the blast-testing enclosure. The test rig is capable of pressure testing components up to 1,450psi. The rig was supplied with a power pack and complex valve systems for accurate control of rising and falling pressures. The rig can supply pressure at controlled speeds to simulate real-life conditions, as well as pressure shocks or spikes. The rig has an external pressure relief valve to stop over-pressurisation set at the required maximum loading pressure, to protect components during testing. Hydrotechnik UK incorporated pressure and temperature sensors and an integrated high-speed data logger.

The sensors are calibrated to national standards, however the customer has the option to self-calibrate the sensors, if required. The logger captures and records data to archive for future analysis, providing important traceability for previously tested components. The test rig was designed to work within the available workspace, using a 3D CAD system and manufactured under ISO 9001 procedures to the highest engineering standards. After installation, our team carried out proof testing and fully trained the operators.

As a result of implementing this new test rig, the auditor has been able to test and certify a wider range and higher volume of components from its supply base of manufacturers.

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