Nitrogen Regulator Pressure Test Rigs For Hoses

In Formula One every second counts. Time is precious in a sport where the difference between winning and losing is measured in fine margins. Those margins are made by engineers developing and performance testing components within race conditions.

Testing and analysing component data over time enables the team to make informed decisions about the cars set-up. For Krontec - a specialist manufacturer of high performance hoses supplied to Formula One each and every hose needs to go through thorough testing to ensure each hose meets the required standards.

Krontec specified two custom made nitrogen regulated pressure test rigs able to provide a helium or nitrogen gas supply to a test piece at the following pressures.

• Low pressure helium (up to 20 Bar)
• Low pressure nitrogen (up to 20 Bar)
• High Pressure Nitrogen (up to 350 Bar)

They also required a bunded tank for submerging test pieces to carry out safe high pressure gas leakage tests to a fixed pressure. All of the pressures needed to be finely adjusted for each test. Building two nitrogen regulated pressure test rigs For our design and build team these two test rigs provided a challenge having custom made a number of test rigs for component tests this was the first set of test rigs that required nitrogen gas and helium to be fed through the same system.

This meant that first and foremost safety had to be central, which is why we built two 316 stainless steel test rigs with a polycarbonate safety enclosure for viewing the test piece and an automatic interlock to ensure a safe and controlled testing. To feed each test rig with nitrogen and helium we specified a high quality pressure regulator fed through a 350 bar intensifier pump with manual controls enabling the user to finely control the pressures throughout the test. The rising and falling pressures are accurately measured from our ISDS pressure sensors with a measuring range of up to 400 bar and displayed with our three SEG1060 LED displays.

Capturing this data in real-time is our MultiHandy 3020 datalogging instrument which can store files for further analysis. Using our HYDROcom6 software can enable this data to be shown graphically, zoomed & expanded for reports / archives. These test rigs have benefited Krontec in many ways, one is that the test pieces can be heavily tested in a safe and controlled manner and the customer can carry out a number of different tests; leak-testing, endurance, intermittent and burst testing, which they couldn’t do before without the test rigs.

As with all Hydrotechnik UK test rigs we provide a complete turn-key solution, from concept to creation, our customers get a complete technical brief, a custom made designed and built test rig to match the customers testing requirements, installation on-site and software and hardware training. Discover our full range of testing rigs from pipes, pumps, hoses, valves, cylinders and many more components. Our test rigs are made by an experienced team, with over 25 years of accumulated knowledge and a deep understanding of testing flow, rpm, torque, temperature, pressure and vibration.

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