Cylinder Pressure Testing Bench

Hydrotechnik UK Ltd specialise in designing, building and commissioning bespoke hydraulic and hydrostatic test rigs. We take our customers on a step-by-step journey, from initial enquiry, production of a full brief, design and manufacture of the rig, all the way through to commissioning and staff training after installation. Our technical team are there to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

As an example, a rail and train servicing company based in the UK commissioned Hydrotechnik to design, manufacture and commission two component test rigs. Such rigs needed to deliver pressure test solutions for pneumatic cylinders that require extensive testing after service and repair.

The test rigs main features are:

  • Operator led pressure testing up to 30 bar (290psi).
  • Air decay leak testing and drain cycle of the pump.
  • The software is written to give simple operator control of the test procedures with a simple pass (green) and fail (red) for the control, test bay and pumping system.
  • Data is logged locally, providing accurate traceability for further component testing.
  • The test rig will vent to drain when purging and bleeding the cylinder whilst testing.
  • When the cylinder is bled through the pump unit, the system automatically pressure rises the cylinder up to a set pressure requirement.
  • The rig is all stainless steel to ensure a long service life.
  • Full reporting printouts are provided, showing the date, serial number and all the test data. These reports can be customised by the customer.

After installation, Hydrotechnik UK Ltd carried out specific tests to ensure the system works to the required specification. For example, the pneumatic cylinders were tested, meanwhile the hydrostatic test rig was deemed fit for purpose and full ready to operate.

Overall, two pressure test rigs were provided, which have become integral to the finished component testing. The rigs ensure that their engineers have the key data to research and develop the pneumatic cylinders to stringent standards, required for installation into drive systems. The hydraulic test rigs also help to maintain quality and ensure faulty units do not make it back to production.

Hydrotechnik UK have designed and built many hydraulic and hydrostatic test rigs, which perform varied tasks.  Component pressure proof or burst testing, as well as flow rate capabilities, have all been built and are in service throughout the UK.  Our depth of knowledge, regarding data logging and analysing of captured data, ensure that detailed reports and archived results capture all the key parameters required.

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