Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Rig for Aerospace and Defence Supplier

Hydrotechnik UK continue to design and manufacture innovative testing rigs from our Nottingham factory. Each testing rig or testing bench is designed to the specifications the customer requires. 

  • Hydrostatic test bench for aviation fuel pipes

Our testing rigs can be found in a wide range of industries and sectors, carrying out end of production testing for research and development requirements.

Hydrotechnik UK were trusted once again by an aviation supplier, with the task of hydrostatically testing fuel pipes, which would be supplied to Boeing and Airbus aircraft eventually.

The pressure test rig is a manually operated system that provides the operator the ability to hydrostatically (water test) pressure test a wide range of investment castings, manufactured by Aeromet UK Ltd. The test pieces are aviation fuel pipes of various volumes and sizes.  The test pieces are enclosed in a safe working area, protecting the operator from leaking fluid and any projectiles.

The manual operated testing rig is able to pressure test with water up to 15.5 bar, by use of a screw press technology hand pump, without a non-returning valve, increasing durability and minimising maintenance issue.


Built with stainless steel, the test rig included a fully bund test area, safety polycarbonate viewing window, and a 20 litre reservoir to hold water to carry out hydrostatic testing.
Inside this test rig are two pumps. One version is a hand pump with a dual output displacement. This is used to purge and bleed through the test piece and is capable of reaching high pressures with a coarse pressure increase.

The other pump is a screw type pump, which has two controls: the main fine and a side ultra-fine. Combined, they provide very accurate pressure controls. Both of these pumps are plumbed together with high pressure stainless steel pipe work and fittings. The system is protected via a high pressure relief valve, which is set to 220 psi.

Data Transfer

This test rig enables seamless data transfer, with the MultiHandy 2025 data logger logging rising and falling pressures during testing. The data can be downloaded using the HYDROcom6 software for further analysis and evaluation.

Hardware and Software Operational Training

Hydrotechnik provided training, ensuring that the users of the test rig could carry out the necessary tests. After installation, the rig enabled the research and development team to test and certify fuel pipes.

Hydrotechnik UK are happy to help each and every customer to manufacture or test products to the highest safety standard, enabling the customer to grow and flourish.

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