Pressure testing rig for end of production components

Hydrotechnik started the project with detailed discussions with the client on the specific requirements of the testing system. The next stage of the process involved a specific brief sent through to our engineering team. Our design team devised a portable all in one data acquisition system to meet the brief.

The hydraulic test bed displays the pressure, temperature, flow rate, torque and RPM providing continual monitoring and data acquisition for the production quality team. The testing system has multi-channel connectivity with up to 16 channels, any combination of data can be recorded and archived through the HYDROcom6 software for further analysis. With universal connections fitted to the test rig our whole range of data logging equipment and instrumentation can be connected providing the manufacturer with further data and added convenience.

Since installation the system has provided an all in one test and measurement solution, giving real time analysis to the production line enabling a traceable and efficient quality management solution. One of the unique features of the system is that the rig can be set to run but it doesn’t start writing data to the memory until certain key trigger points have been met, eg. a rising pressure or flow rate. The logger will capture the data leading up to this trigger point and also record all the data after the trigger. This means the operator only captures the key information required during a test and the data is accurately recorded. This helps the operator of the rig get into position before starting the sweeper up and cycling the hydraulics.

All of our Hydrotechnik test rigs are designed using a 3D CAD system and manufactured under ISO 9001 procedures to the highest engineering standards.

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