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Hydrotechnik UK worked alongside a national military equipment manufacturer to design, commission and custom build a manually operated hydraulic test bed to evaluate components. After an initial discussion with our technical team, it was decided that they required a test bed capable of testing a range of flow rates, which can achieve different pressures with the ability to heat and cool to simulate testing under different conditions. The rig is capable of passing flow at any flow rate, in both directions, at the flick of a switch. Previously, the manufacturer had to test their components in one direction, then disassemble the test piece and reverse it for flow testing in the flow direction. 

What is the main function of the test bed?

The test rig’s main function is to test hydraulic components. Testing for pressure, flow and temperature is enabled via Hydrotechnik’s sensors and digital displays. The hydraulic test bed is capable of testing the flow rate up to a maximum of 100 litres per minute at 80 bar and 50 litres per minute at 150 bar. The rig is supplied with a three-way directional control valve and custom built power pack for reliable and accurate control of rising and falling flows. The intuitive panel display alerts the user when certain testing criteria is met, displaying either a green/red light. Furthermore, integrated into the panel is a filter blockage indicator and a tank level indicator, to ensure the test bed’s oil is maintained. The cooling and filtration solution is designed to minimise power consumption and expand the life of the test bed.

Our design incorporates an innovative inverter-controlled 15Kw motor with dual pump system. The main pump delivers flow and pressure to the test unit. The second pump provides flow to the offline filtration loop but, when required, it also passes through the bell housing cooler, as detailed below. The Hydrotechnik sensors installed are calibrated to national standards. The test bed was designed using a 3D CAD system and manufactured under ISO 9001 procedures to the highest engineering standards. Supplied with a 3-phase 415V power supply, making the test rig powerful and compact. The rig is completely enclosed in a stainless steel frame and is bunded to catch any leakage. After installation and proof testing, operator training was carried out, ensuring the customer is fully conversant with all its functions.

The test bed is now an integral part of the company’s quality system control, ensuring only components that have passed tests go into production. Have a question about one of our test rigs? Head over to the FAQs page. Alternatively, take a look at our other test rig case studies, speak to one of our friendly technical engineers on 0115 900 3550 or email sales@hydrotechnik.co.uk.

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