Watchlog Bluetooth

Watchlog Bluetooth® is a new generation of short range wireless measurement of pressure, designed to work with iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as iPads and Android tablets.

Our powerful free app lets users create custom projects and customisable dashboards to display values and log data.

Up to 12 transmitters at once can be monitored on one device or many devices up to 10 times per second and transmit distances to 90 meters, all powered from just 2 standard AA batteries.

More advanced Watchlog 
Windows software allows for 
more advanced monitoring and
 data logging features.

  • Watchlog Bluetooth overview diagram
  • Free iOS and Android mobile apps for viewing and logging data
  • Create custom projects / visuals
  • Free Watchlog measurement and logging Windows PC software
  • View up to 12 pressures at a time
  • One to many, many to one or many to many
  • Up to 90 meters data transmission distance
  • From 100ms...25s selectable scanning rates
  • Standard battery powered (2xAA)
  • Password protection
  • 0...25 bar,
    0...160 bar,
    0...400 bar and
    0...700 bar stocked pressure ranges

Mobile app downloads

Download the Watchlog Bluetooth App for Mobile phone or tablet below.

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