Hydrostatic Pump Testing Rig

Hydrotechnik designed, built and commissioned an advanced burst testing rig for a UK based plumbing, heating and engineering product manufacturer. The company distributes these products worldwide.

Regular and rigorous burst testing ensures that their products are developed to meet the demanding standards within hydraulic applications. The custom-built test rig is installed within a sophisticated workshop and is an integral part of their development testing.

With an increasing demand for plumbing and heating products, the Yorkshire based company are looking at innovative ways to pressure test their wide range of products. The test rig is a key part of the test regime, enabling the operator the ability to pressure test a wide range of volumes and size within a safe area.

The test rig main capabilities are:

• Manual pressure build up with fine and super fine pressure adjustments 
• Real time accurate reading and logging of pressure
• Complete logging and archiving of all results for future reference

The manually-operated test rig was designed to supply water pressure up to 500 bar. Two pumps work to provide accurate testing. The hand pump with a dual output displacement is used to purge and bleed through the test piece. The second screw-type pump has a very fine pressure increase, allowing for more accurate pressure controls. Both pumps installed in the testing rig allow the engineers to test the equipment to extreme pressures, ensuring that every product meets rigorous safety checks.

With the vast amount of pressure testing needed for these products, a large volume of data will be analysed and archived for future tests. With full data logging capabilities, the Hydrotechnik data logger can record and archive all data.

Using Hydracom6 software, the data can be presented and analysed to perform future repeatability tests, to ensure that each product meets the exacting standards required.

Don't just take our word for it. Here is what our customer said:

"Hydrotechnik delivered a superior test rig with the pressure capability we needed for the launch of our new product" - Pegler Yorkshire

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