Hydraulic Pump Test Rig

After initial discussions with our client it was confirmed that the hydraulic pressure test rig required 3 test bays for component testing. Each of these test bays would be supplied by one pump and therefore will have the same pressure each. On top of these requirements the rig needed to be housed in a lockable room during tests. The test rig is controlled from outside of the test facility for safety reasons.

The hydraulic test rig primary function is to control the water and the air supplied to the pump for testing components. Hydrotechnik supplied a high pressure hydraulic test rig capable of measuring 15,000psi in various stages up to a maximum of ten cycles up and down allowing to test water and 90psi air to the pump. Data is logged continually during the tests at 10,000 readings per second to ensure all pressure spikes and events are captured. The stand-alone frame with a high pressure pump would provide proportional air control, controlled via an advanced Siemens PLC/HMI remotely mounted outside of the test room.

A high-pressure relief valve supplied to stop over pressuring of a high pressure circuit. Hydrotechnik pressure transducers and data logger provided powerful operational data for further analysis.

After installation at the client the test rig has been providing service engineers with valuable data to ensure that components are tested to the highest ISO standards.

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