Minimess® & Analogue Test Equipment

Developed by Hydrotechnik GmbH more than 50 years ago, Minimess® test points & associated products are found worldwide in hydraulic, process and gas systems. Minimess® pressure test points offer the most advanced sealing system available with working pressures up to 630 bar. A lifetime leak-free guarantee and suitability with almost any fluid or gas make Minimess® the most versatile test point available.

Microbore hose assemblies, most commonly used to connect to a Minimess® test point for pressure testing, have many other diverse applications. The hose is available in 2mm and 4mm internal diameter up to 630 bar working pressure. The hose material is extremely flexible, lightweight and can be specified for a large range of uses.

We supply and stock a large range of analogue pressure gauges and Minimess® pressure testing kits to suit all types of machinery and testing connections for industrial, construction and agricultural hydraulic testing requirements.

High-quality gas charging valves and test points for use with most gases in the Minimess® 1615 & 1620 series design. Our Minimess® gas charging valves are manufactured with very precise internal tolerances to give maximum sealing integrity, not possible with standard Minimess® test points. A huge range of nitrogen accumulator charging kits based around the safe and easy to use Minimess® connection system. All types of accumulator valve connections are catered for with many different cost-effective options available.

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