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MultiXtend are a range of extension modules, which can be used to expand Hydrotechnik measuring instruments or equip them with additional functions. They may provide extra measuring channels to your Hydrotechnik Datalogger for analogue, frequency, thermocouple, voltage and current measurement signals. MultiXtend modules also include options to split analogue measuring signals, allow connection and synchronisation of multiple instruments as a single test setup and also for transmission of measured signals via Bluetooth. Models are available to connect to existing analogue channels of any Hydrotechnik instrument or for connection through CAN/RS232 inputs of 4010, 5060, 5060plus, 5070 or 8050 instruments.

MultiXtend modules for additional channels and signals

  • MultiXtend A - provides 4 extra analogue (0/4...20mA) inputs and converts to CANbus output for connection to MultiSystem or CAN input instruments.
  • MultiXtend Thermo - provides one or four Thermocouple type K or J inputs. Converts to 4...20mA output or CANbus output for connection to MultiHandy, MultiSystem or CAN input instruments.
  • MultiXtend f - provides one or four extra frequency (pulse) inputs and converts to CANbus output for connection to MultiSystem or CAN input instruments.
  • MultiXtend UI - provides direct voltage (up to ±60Vdc) and current (up to ±4Adc) inputs and converts to 0...20mA output for all standard instrumentation.

MultiXtend modules for expanding instrument functionality

  • MultiXtend Bluetooth - connects to RS232 input of MultiSystem measuring instruments, allowing for Bluetooth transmission of all measured signals to PC/laptop running HYDROcom 6.
  • MultiXtend Split -  provides two galvanically separated 0/4...20mA signal outputs from single 0/4...20mA input. Allows one sensor signal to be transmitted to an instrument and plc simultaneously.
  • MultiXtend Trigger - allows for synchronised connection of multiple MultiSystem instruments allowing for massive channel testing, combinable on to one test file via HYDROcom 6.
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