8 (+32) channel MultiSystem 5070 Datalogger & Kits

Measured by performance...

The MultiSystem 5070 data acquisition instrument (replacement for the MultiSystem 5060Plus) offers the user up to 42 channels with 8 high speed (up to 0.1ms) inputs to record pressure, temperature, flow, RPM, position, force, voltage, current, oil condition and much, much more.

2 digital I/O channels allow for linking of multiple instruments or remote triggering of tests. 2 independent baud rate CANbus lines allow for up to 32 channels either from CANopen sensors or J1939 CAN machine data, these channels can also be used for selectable or freely definable calculations, such as differentials, power, velocity etc.

4GB SD card storage and improved processor speed allows up to 6,000,000 readings per test and rapid download of data to the included HYDROcom6 Advanced software for further analysis. The MultiSystem 5070 is a must-have for advanced hydraulic system analysis.

Martin Williamson of Kew Engineering has unboxed and reviewed one of our Multisystem 5070 dataloggers and uploaded the video.  Watch it here!

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