Flow, Pressure and Temperature Calibration

  • Calibration benefits
Hydrotechnik UK Test Engineering Ltd's experienced calibration team can calibrate your hydraulic testing equipment quickly, accurately and at a competitive price.

Our world class calibration laboratory boasts state-of-the-art calibration equipment, providing us with the capability of calibrating a wide range of flow, pressure, temperature, signals and displays.

All of the calibration testing carried out on-site can be traced to UKAS, DKD and national standards.

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  • Flow meter calibration

Flow Meter Calibration

Flow calibration is available on most flow meter types: variable area, positive displacement, mass flow & axial turbines.

  • Calibration range from 0.03 to 700 litres per minute on oil
  • Calibration range from 0.05 to 1500 litres per minute on water
  • Viscosity range from 15 to 100 cSt. Other viscosities on request
  • Wide range of media available incl. water and oil
  • 5 point calibration as standard
  • Results are traceable to DKD & National Standards
  • Maximum total uncertainty of <±0.5%


Pressure & Temperature Sensor Calibration

Pressure and temperature sensor calibration traceable to UKAS Standards.

  • Pressure range: -1(-30inHg) to 2800 Bar
  • Temperature range: -50 to 200°C
  • 5 point calibration as standard
  • Results traceable to UKAS Standards
  • All brands & signal types catered for
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Maximum total uncertainty of <±0.05%


  • Analogue and Digital Gauge Calibration

Analogue & Digital Gauge Calibration

  • Calibration range from -1 to 2,800 bar
  • 10 point calibration as standard (5 rising, 5 falling)
  • Results traceable to UKAS Standards
  • Maximum total uncertainty of <±0.05%


  • Gauges and Displays

Signals, Displays & Datalogger Calibration

Hydrotechnik dataloggers are calibrated and certified using UKAS certified advanced calibrating equipment. The calibration process is followed by a system management test, full inspection and general maintenance.

  • Calibration of mA, voltage & frequency signals
  • 3 point per channel output calibration as standard
  • Results traceable to UKAS Standards
  • Maximum total uncertainty of <±0.05%


Repairs & Services

Hydrotechnik UK provides a full repair service on all Hydrotechnik and 3rd party test equipment. Units are normally repaired in the UK or will be forwarded to the original manufacturer for repair estimates, if necessary.

Get in touch today for all calibration requirements: 0115 9003 550.

Whenever I have sent hydraulic test equipment for calibration, the service has been swift and the certificate clear to read and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend Hydrotechnik UK for calibration.

Ted Webb - Quality Management Warranties, Bosch Rexroth

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