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The Watchlog Pro range includes rugged, programmable industrial IIoT/telemetry gateway devices which transmit data captured from sensors to a cloud portal of your choice via cellular or WIFI.

Sensor compatibility

The Watchlog Pro units allow the connection of nearly all sensor types and accept many inputs, including 4-20ma, 0-10V, Frequency, Modbus, CANbus and RS232/RS485. The Watchlog Pro telemetry units also include GPS and other internal sensors, such as ambient temperature, vibration and a tamper sensor.

The ORB and QUAD

As well as being integrated into many of the below remote monitoring solutions, the Watchlog Pro itself is available in 2 primary forms:

  • The ORB can be powered by four AA batteries as well as including an internal antenna. This makes it more suited to mobile applications when external power is difficult or power outages are possible.
  • The QUAD is designed to be rail-mounted, run on external power and use an externally mounted antenna. This makes it more suitable for use in fixed systems.
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