WATCHLOG PRO Custom Cloud Monitoring

Remote Monitoring Cloud Gateway with Integrated Pressure, Temperature, Flow and Oil Cleanliness Options.

When integrated into your system, a Watchlog PRO Custom Cloud Monitoring unit continuously transmits all connected sensor data to the cloud or, upon request, to a custom web server via 4G (SIM card) or Wi-Fi.

View and save sensor readings using our online cloud platform, which is accessible via most web browsers. Configurable alerts are possible locally, utilising a light tower, buzzer or combination of both, and via notifications within the cloud software and SMS messaging.

Installed inline within your setup and powered by 12/24VDC or 240VAC, the Watchlog Pro Custom Cloud Monitor is the ultimate go-to for an existing or new sensor array. Depending on your requirement, a full range of sensor input options include Modbus, CAN bus, 4...20mA, 0...10V, RTD, Thermocouple K type and frequency. Switching outputs can optionally be included to control external equipment.


  • Watchlog PROQ enclosure

Robust Enclosure with external antenna

A rugged glass fibre reinforced polyester enclosure built for industrial environments.

  • Watchlog PROQ Quad

Watchlog Pro QUAD Cloud Gateway

The unit's integral component, the Watchlog Pro QUAD, accepts all sensor data before transmitting it to the cloud via WiFi or 4G.

Local, configurable buzzer and/or light tower alerts are also triggered by the QUAD.

  • Watchlog PROQ connectivity

Input/Output connectivity built into the case

Easily connect your new or existing sensors to the cloud monitoring system using the integrated M12 connections on the bottom of the enclosure. K-type thermocouple connections for temperature inputs are available when required.

Power, Modbus and CAN bus connections are included as standard. Analogue, digital, frequency and temperature inputs and switching outputs are provided to your requirements.

Ordering Code

Power input Replace XX with
240 VAC AC
12/24 VDC DC
Analogue inputs REPLACE AI WITH



4x 4...20mA


8x 4...20mA


4x 0...10V

8x 0...10V U8
Temperature inputs REPLACE TI WITH
None T0
4x RTD input R4
8x RTD input R8
4x Thermocouple input T4
8x Thermocouple input T8
Frequency inputs REPLACE FI WITH
None F0
1 input F1
2 inputs F2
3 inputs F3
4 inputs F4
Switch outputs REPLACE SO WITH
None S0
1 output S1
2 outputs S2
3 outputs S3
4 outputs S4
Alert option REPLACE Z WITH
None X
Buzzer W
Red & Green light tower Y
Buzzer and
Red & Green light tower

For further information and illustrated ordering examples, please refer to the datasheet available to download from this page.

Example Ordering Code


The above ordering code would be used to specify the following system:

  1. DC: 12/24VDC power
  2. I4: 4x 4...20mA analogue inputs
  3. T0: No temperature inputs
  4. F2: 2x frequency inputs
  5. S2: 2x switch outputs
  6. X: No local alerts

Modbus and CAN bus as standard.
≤8 channels: 250x300x140mm enclosure.

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