Hydrotechnik's 24 channel Datalogger helps capture vehicles hydraulic performance

Our MultiHandy 5060Plus is specfied by an increasingly wide range of customers for accurate recording and diagnosis of hydraulic systems. Here we spoke to Alan Pike from Dynamatics Hydraulics Limited about the benefits of using the 5060Plus 24 channel datalogger.

Fan drive control

"At Dynamatic Hydraulics we use the MultiHandy5060Plus to monitor and record pressure, flow, speed and temperature during durability testing of various types of hydraulic pumps and motors". 

"We also use the 5060 out in the field to sign off hydraulic systems on vehicles such as buses and coaches again monitoring and recording data. This data can then easily be transferred to a PC using the supplied HYDROcom6 software and be used to create graphs and presentations"



"The MultiHandy5060Plus is a compact, robust, user friendly and very versatile piece of kit and has made our work at Dynamatic Hydraulics a lot easier and safer".

Alan Pike - R & D Lab Supervisor - Dynamatics Hydraulics Limited