16 (+6) Channel MultiControl & MultiSystem 8050

MultiSystem & MultiControl 8050 Series Data Loggers

Hydrotechnik have added to our specialist test and measurement equipment with our latest range of data logging equipment for complex measurement and control.

With a total of up to 30 input channels and a clear display of large numbers of measured values, the 8050 series is ideal for the measuring and supervision of complex systems. With 6 output channels, many options are available up for the control of machines, plants and test standards.

  • Designed with test house and R&D applications in mind, the 8050 is the ultimate tool for test bench and end of line testing.
  • With advanced touch screen technology, this 30 channel data acquisition unit can also be integrated with user's existing CAN-BUS system.
  • Up to three 8050 units can be connected in series.
  • Available in 2 versions - MultiSystem 8050 (touch-screen), MultiControl 8050 (no screen, operated with HYDROlink 6 software).
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