16 (+6) channel MultiControl 8050 Measuring Control System

Technical specifications

  • Channels 1 to 10: Analogue measuring inputs for 0/4...20mA, 0...10V, ±10V (channels 9 and 10 high speed 0.1ms)
  • Channels 11 to 12: ±2Adc and ±48Vdc current and voltage channels
  • Channels 13 to 16: Four frequency inputs to max. 20kHz (5kHz with direction)
  • 2x Digital signal input and output for triggering or linking instruments
  • 2x Digital switching outputs
  • 2x Analogue signal outputs
  • 16 bit a/d convertor
  • 6x (optional 14x) CANbus or freely definable formulae channels
  • 2Gb internal CF card
  • Six million readings per test with space for 200 tests
  • Scanning rate possible up to 0.1ms
  • User-friendly Menu controlled operation
  • Data transmission with USB interface (device and host interface)
  • HYDROcom 6 Professional software included (single user licence)
  • HYDROlink 6 Advanced control and operations software included (single user licence)
  • Hardware and software filter
  • Sensor database to store sensor parameters
  • Project management for the storing instrument configurations